Saturday, April 10, 2010

Milan Design Week 2010--sustainable materials

During Milan Design Week there is apparently a show called Tuttobene, (click on the link that says "selection of designer, press info and more. there's a list of designers) Tuttobene "presents the work of eleven Dutch Designers under the general umbrella of sustainable design". It seems like it could be applicable research for the sustainable materials project. This article that I have posted is from Core77, I have only posted a shortened version, the whole article is here

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amy's Opening!


It's at the DCCA at 6pm.

Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts
200 South Madison Street on the Wilmington Riverfront.

Amy's work is super awesome and you should ALL be there to SUPPORT your almost graduating grad!

Admission is FREE.

And, all of you that chose to not accompany suzi, elise and i to the Thomas Mann workshop... MISSED OUT on lots of valuable information on how to make a living as a craft/object design artist. your loss. i hope you all start to take advantage of these FREE opportunities that are offered to you.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hey guys, I talked to some of my friends around Towson and there is a junior in the photography department that is willing to help us take photos for our Hype project and can get into the studio space.

If anyone wants to be part of this I need to know a.s.a.p! Her name is Amy and she has some lovely work, however; she can only shoot on Sunday from like 12 to 2 or so. Please let me know as soon as possible if you want in, we need to get models and I need to discuss with her what needs to be done for this. The sooner I know the better seeing as I will have to take off work for this.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tedd McDunah

Hi everyone!
If you're interested in recycled materials, check out Tedd McDunah. He's a friend of mine who teaches at ASU (Arizona State).
his blog is here!

Friday, March 26, 2010

SecondLife Survey

Hi all, it's Elizabeth. At the Filthy Fluno lecture last night, Frank, an Education student here at Towson, approached me about a survey he was conducting regarding students and SecondLife. He would be much obliged if any art students involved in the SecondLife universe would take his survey.

Don't forget to pass this on to any other students you may know who have an interest in SecondLife!

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Thomas Mann will be visiting California University of PA April 6th and 7th.

He will give a lecture on his work April 6th in Duda Hall 103 at 6pm, followed by his famous Design For Survival workshop April 7th in Old Main Chapel (9am-4pm).

This event is free and open to the public. Please contact Jim Bove at (or via Jim'ss crafthaus page) to reserve your spot. Reservations are not required, but we would appreciate knowing how many to expect. Lunch during the workshop will be own your own. The campus and town have many places to eat, or feel free to enjoy your lunchbox on the beautiful campus.

Thomas Mann: Details from the Adventure
An artist tracks the path of his career from the early 70’s to the weird world of NOW.

Thomas Mann has been making his living as a fulltime art professional since he graduated from college in 1970. Best known for his “Techno-Romantic” jewelry designs he eschews the title of jeweler, and prefers the description that he is an artist working in the medium of jewelry. With a degree in technical theatre, set design and lighting, he also invents and builds large public art sculpture and installations. His touring exhibition “STORM CYCLE: An Artist Responds to Hurricane Katrina” is a blend of the many concept and techniques employed in his work.

Since the turn of the millennium, Mann and his production company, Thomas Mann Design Inc., and his gallery, Gallery I/O, both based in New Orleans, have survived the negative economic effects of 911, the death of his wife, Hurricane Katrina and now, this bizarre recession. As a result, he found it necessary to increase his creative output, up the number of events to present and sell his work, begin teaching hands-on workshops, start a new business venture, studioFLUX, and in general get busier than he’s ever been before.

Keeping in mind that the Chinese symbol for chaos means both danger and opportunity, this image driven lecture tracks the progression of events and
experiences that place him at the interesting and challenging crossroads of creativity, age, and semi-celebrity.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello, Materia World

I'm curating an online exhibition through Crafthaus and you should all consider entering.
Here's the skinny:
- You can only enter the show if you are a member of That being said, a year long membership costs you $20 and gets you a very large craft-social network, space for an online portfolio, prospecti for numerous online and offline exhibitions, the ability to enter any Crafthaus online exhibition for free, video clips, craft forums, etc.
- The exhibition is viewable to the general public (not only Crafthaus members).
- Most exhibitions will cost you at least $30 to enter ... this one is only $20 (well, really, that's for your membership). Even if you don't think your portfolio is spectacular yet, it's okay! Don't be intimidated! JOIN! This is valuable! And ENTER! You might get in! And even if you don't, rejection makes you stronger! I know this (all to well)! DO NOT BE AFRAID.

JOIN HERE. Oddly Wearable forum link.

Here's the info on the show I'm curating (I'm making this easy for you all... you don't even have to click the above links to find info):

OPEN CALL: Oddly Wearable

“Oddly Wearable” is an online exhibition that features Crafthaus members who make non-functional jewelry that questions our society’s need to strive for an ideal. Do you make pieces that inhibit the wearer’s movements? Or have you made something that makes the wearer and/or the viewer feel discomfort? This online exhibition will be a celebration of inquiry and dysfunction.

If you feel that your work fits into this exhibition and you are a Crafthaus member, please apply!

Submission Requirements:

- Each artist may submit up to three pieces for consideration. Each piece may be represented by a full view and a detail (totaling a maximum of six images).
- Please include your name and title of the piece in each file name. (ie: RachelTimmins_Title Goes Here.jpg
- 800pxl maximum dimension in jpg format
- In a word document, please provide your contact information, a few sentences about each piece, the materials used to make each piece and the dimension of each piece (H x W x D).
- Please e-mail all application components to Rachel Timmins (

This exhibition will run on Crafthaus from September 7 - October 7 and will be able to be viewed by the general public (not only Crafthaus members). Entries are due by August 25th.

About the curator:

Rachel Timmins is a Studio Art (Metals Concentration) MFA Candidate at Towson University. She earned her BFA in Metal/Jewelry Design with a Minor in Sculpture from Buffalo State College in 2009. Rachel has been the recipient of numerous awards including status as a Finalist in the Student NICHE Awards, the Jauquet Award at Buffalo State College and the Award For Excellence in Sculpture at Buffalo State College. Her work has been shown in many exhibitions and she is commissioned regularly to make custom works.